First Autism Conference in Sierra Leone, Dec 2017

Medical Assistance Sierra Leone and the Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone (EASL) were pleased to participate in the first autism conference in the country in Dec 2017. Around 25% of people with autism also have epilepsy – we are not seeing these numbers at clinic and the Epilepsy Association were there in full to learn how autistic people and their families may be better supported to come forward and access medical services.

The Pan-African Experiences of Autism: Transforming Rights Into Reality Conference took place at The British Council in Freetown on 4 & 5 December 2017 and was extremely well attended, with participation from parents, carers, teachers, NGOs, health workers and Ministry officials. The event marked the International Day of Persons With Disabilities and staff have already identified children with autism in the community in need of support as a result of detailed information, along with insightful film case studies,  provided at the conference.

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