Christmas Sun Cream Appeal for People With Albinism

*A Christmas idea that helps to save lives: buy 3 months supply of sun cream for a Person With Albinism in Sierra Leone*.
Persons With Albinism are at extreme risk of skin cancer, with an estimated 80% of people dying early from this condition. We have been supporting some people this year to access surgery for skin cancer as well as providing prescribed cream which removes pre-cancerous cells.
Preventing sun damage from occurring is very difficult in Sierra Leone. Protective sun cream is expensive and out of reach of most people (costing between £10-£15 a bottle locally; the average primary school salary is £40). Poverty is a determining factor on how much flexibility people have to avoid the sun. In the rural areas most people are subsistence farmers. Protection from the sun saves lives and needs to start from an early age. We have shipped two consignments of award-winning Aldi sun cream to Sierra Leone this year and need to maintain this supply. Can you help us by buying a small amount as a gift, postage free, and arranging for it to be sent to our registered office: MASL, 31 Grove Hill, Reading RG4 8PN. We will arrange shipment to Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Association of Persons With Albinism will distribute to members. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated and can also be left in a box on the doorstep at this address.

Mohamed Osman Kamara, Coordinator of the Sierra Leone Association of Persons With Albinism, with young members of the Association at a sun cream distribution event,
October 2019.