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Sierra Leone remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Life expectancy is just 46 years for men and 47 years for women. Maternal mortality figures are four times higher than the global average at 890 per 100,000 live births. Almost one in five children don’t reach their fifth birthday. Those with rare and complex conditions face little prospect of getting treatment.

Medical Assistance Sierra Leone developed as a strategic response to the overwhelming need for access to quality health care in Sierra Leone. We work with partners to identify specific strategic areas where an input of resources can begin to save lives immediately, to improve overall health and well-being and contribute to the enhancement of long term capacity within the health sector in Sierra Leone. Improved health enables individuals to meet the vast development challenges facing their families and communities.

The key goal of MASL’s work in Sierra Leone is to facilitate access to treatment for those with chronic, rare or complex medical conditions. There is little specialist provision in Sierra Leone, and conditions that, in other contexts, are manageable with medication and/or support are often profoundly disabling and can lead to early death. Our five year strategy can be found here MASL_Strategy_APR17-MARCH22.

We currently carry out the following activities:

Establishing & supporting the first clinical epilepsy service in Sierra Leone

MASL and Dr Lisk of Basildon Hospital established the first clinical epilepsy service in Sierra Leone in February 2010, in collaboration with the Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone. The network of clinics are in huge demand, and are providing full medication and advice to seven thousand people. Click here to find out more about this initiative which has transformed the lives of patients, many of whom have endured multiple daily seizures for over forty years, with no treatment or support.

Sickle Cell Management

In collaboration with the Sickle Cell Carer’s Awareness Network, we have begun supplying young sickle cell patients in Kono District with three types of medication to manage their condition. Around 80% of children with sickle cell disorder die before their 5th birthday. Click here to find out more.

Spinal Surgery Programme Support

We generate funds for the operations conducted annually by Africa Surgery Inc, who coordinate urgent major spinal surgery for Sierra Leoneans each year in Ghana, carried out by US based surgeons. Most patients are children with TB of the spine (Pott’s Disease). Each operation costs £6500.


We support scholarships for nurse training and are currently supporting a student who is studying a BSc in Public Health at Njala University College.

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