Controlling Ebola in Sierra Leone

Medical Assistance Sierra Leone has received urgent requests for  anti-bacterial hand gel and disposable thermometers from local partners and clinics in Sierra Leone. The epilepsy project has a network of 22  clinics, supporting nearly 5,000 people with essential anti-epileptic  medication. Health workers are operating in impossible circumstances, many  without the necessary resources to protect themselves and patients. Two health  workers trained by the project, and focal points for the epilepsy clinics  in their areas (Kailahun and Kenema), died from ebola in July.
Please consider making a donation to enable us to provide essential supplies  as soon as possible. Our growing annual anti-epileptic medication bill consumes all our spare resources (we provide three of the four drugs that are  used on the national programme). We can only provide supplies for controlling  ebola that we can purchase from this appeal. Any donation, however small, will  be gratefully received and used directly for the provision of supplies to clinics for managing the spread of ebola in Sierra Leone.  Our Chair has set up a dedicated page here at:
or you can also click on one of the icon buttons on the right to donate.